MortgageCMP, calculate and compare your mortgage options

MortgageCMP lists your mortgage options and visualizes their differences in charts and tables.


  • add multiple mortgages,
  • compare mortgages by: total payment, term length, total interest, closing costs, insurance, tax,
  • support for Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) and Fixed Rate Mortgage (FRM),
  • two types of amortization schedules for FRM available: constant monthly payment (variable principal and interest) and constant monthly principal (decreasing monthly payment due to decreasing interest)
  • additional principal payments,
  • amortization table by year or month,
  • plenty of beautiful, informative charts,
  • more.

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FAQs and Tutorials


MortgageCMP is divided into two parts: one gives you detailed insight into a particular mortgage option, while the other makes a comparison between a few selected ones..