FinanceSim, a financial planner

FinanceSim is a personal finance planning app that projects your future financial situation based on your earnings and spending.

Based on your income, expenses, savings, and debts the app produces a forecasting of your cash flows, net worth, interrelation and growth of your assets and liabilities. By playing with input data you can view different scenarios of your future finances.

The simulations provide answers about:

  • value of your assets at retirement,
  • when you will get out of debt considering your lifestyle and expenses,
  • the growth of your savings with respect to expenses and debts,
  • monthly cashflows (income, interest, expenses, debt service, money saved),
  • if and when it will be possible for you to live off the interest,
  • will your pension give you enough money to enjoy a comfortable life,
  • and more.

FREE! No ads! No permissions are needed!


FinanceSim takes as input your regular income, regular expenses (rent, food, travel, etc), your savings (401(k) plan, savings account), and debts (mortgage, consumer loan).

Based on this data, it generates a forecasting of how your finances will grow and decrease over years. It depicts simulations in charts and tables. CASHFLOWS show the projections of your monthly budget breakdown into earnings, spendings, and money deposited as savings (Fig. 1). NET WORTH show the projections of the total of your accumulated assets minus the value of your liabilities (Fig. 2). Your checking account shows how your savings will grow as long as you have income but with retirement it starts dropping when you retire (Fig. 3 & 4).


  • It's free!
  • No permissions required, your data remains with you only.
  • No internet connection needed.
  • Clear breakdown of your finances.
  • Beautiful visualizations.